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Title Sponsorship—$300/month **One Available!**
Opening Segment Billboard Announcement
Two (2) Live-Read Commercials Per Show
Guest Spot on Show
Segment Sponsorship—$100/month (5 available)
Segment Billboard Announcement
One (1) Live-Read Commercials Per Show
Basic Sponsorship—$90/month (10 Available)
One (1) Pre-recorded Commercial Per Show
Business Event Promotion $25/show
We’ll plug your for-profit event for just $25!!!
Non-profit events plugged FREE as time allows.
Non-profit events must show proof.
Select you package from the list at check-out.  Be sure to include information for us to use in your commercial in the text fields provided.  If you have any questions, please email bobmauldin@bobmauldin.com or call 903-574-1551.  Thank you!
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